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Now in its fifth decade, Sowell & Co. continues its strong, sustained growth because of the remarkable sense of timing the management team possesses. And because of the extensive expertise, resources and relationships the team has garnered, it is able to act quickly on the opportunities it perceives in a wide variety of industries. Sowell & Co. is a privately-held investment company whose partners specialize in their areas of expertise. Sowell & Co. invests its own capital in each venture. Sowell & Co. does not utilize outside investors or a fund, and has no plans to do so.


Sowell & Co. has experienced significant returns on investment capital because it has the instincts for knowing when growth is about to occur, the resources to foster that growth, and the market knowledge to know when to reap the rewards of that growth. Sowell & Co. has a long history of knowing the right time to act.


Sowell & Co. has experienced its own growth and helped others achieve it as well.

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