When the company was founded in 1972, the timing was perfect to build on three custom-home lots in a rapidly growing area of Arlington, Texas. The resource required was $1,500, which Jim Sowell borrowed from the $4,200 cash value of his father’s life insurance policy in order to make the initial deposit on the lots.

In the midst of its success as a custom-home builder, the company soon identified a new opportunity that would allow it to better use its strengths – developing single- and multi-family lots for resale to other builders.

Through constant and careful analysis of key markets, the company has been acquiring properties destined for area growth. Then, with its gift for timing and ability to quickly assemble resources to seize opportunities, the company develops and markets the properties from a strategic position of leadership.

Sowell & Co. has applied this tactic of proper timing and entrepreneurial assertiveness to achieve success in numerous arenas of industry far beyond its initial ventures in real estate. Sowell & Co.’s abilities have allowed it not only to grow to be one of the largest land developers in Texas, but also to branch out into other endeavors. It has been cultivated into a corporation for which a diversified real estate group is now only one part.

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