Oil & Gas Prior Interests

Gas Solutions, Inc.

A prime opportunity to purchase Gas Solutions came to Sowell & Co. in 1998, when prices of gas declined. Purchased from ARCO and located in Longview, Texas, this field service gas processing plant is in the center of the legendary East Texas Field. Natural gas is transported to the plant via a pipeline and is processed into natural gas liquids, from which products like ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline are created. Sowell & Co., with this venture and others like it in hand, continues to seek opportunities in the energy industry.


Cordillera Energy

In 2000, Matador Energy Company, Ltd. and EnCap agreed to be equal investors in backing a proven property acquirer and former Apache senior executive based in Denver.


A large block of San Juan basin producing properties was acquired in 2001; subsequently, Matador sold its position back to Cordillera for a substantial profit in 2001.



In 1998, Matador became the sole investor in Houston based Bargo Energy (“Bargo”). Bargo had been a property acquisition vehicle for several years and had recently sold all of its properties. Matador stepped into a fully staffed cohesive team of property acquirors. After several acquisitions, Bargo merged with Bellweather Exploration, a public company.


In 2001, Bellweather was subsequently sold for cash and stock in Mission Resources. Matador subsequently sold its Mission stock for a substantial gain in 2001.


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